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Data Analytics

Every business collects data. Some more than others. And some businesses collect so much data that they can actually use that data to make smarter, more educated business decisions.

With the use of business intelligence and data analytics, you can turn all the raw data your business is collecting into insights that propel your business growth forward.

Big Data Analysis has become one of the most critical solutions for businesses and organizations who want to scale their growth, and we have the tools and technology you need to leverage big data and use it to scale forward with ease.


SAP Data Services help you find hidden meaning inside your organization’s data and use it to grow.

Our team can aid the implementation of SAP solutions and transition your business into an Intelligent Enterprise via intelligent tools and platforms. They include:


Transformation Navigator


Readiness Check




Solution Manager


Better and faster adoption of Enterprise DevOps translates to you achieving your organizational goals more easily.

With the help of DevOps practices, we will enable your organization to reach peak productivity and increase the speed of software deliveries. We’ll help you with:


Java is everywhere around you. From embedded applications, games, web content, all the way to enterprise software, Java is a fundamental part of various computing platforms.

By leveraging Java technologies, we are able to provide comprehensive software solutions that keep our clients at the forefront of industry innovation. We work together with our clients to design, develop, and then integrate a customized solution all built on Java.

We’re all about making Java bring your business results. This includes:

Custom Application Development (Web & Desktop)

Custom Application Development (Web & Desktop)

Application Porting (From Different Technology Stack to JAVA / J2EE Technology Stack)

Application Porting (From Different Technology Stack to JAVA / J2EE Technology Stack)

Content Management Systems (CMS Solutions)

Content Management Systems (CMS Solutions)

Application Integration

Application Integration

E-Commerce Solutions

E-Commerce Solutions

Application Re-engineering, Migration (Lower JAVA / J2EE Version to Higher JAVA / J2EE Version)

Application Re-engineering / Migration (Lower JAVA / J2EE Version to Higher JAVA / J2EE Version)

Data Warehouse

A data warehouse is where you store massive amounts of digital information. If your business is storing data in a data warehouse, you want that warehouse to be secure, reliable, and easy to manage.
That’s what we at Sol IT Systems do best – help you turn data into useful insights so you make smarter, more educated business decisions. We’ll work hand-in-hand with you to create the most sophisticated data infrastructure and data warehouse your business requires – all while tackling any challenge to efficiency, performance, and data quality. We manage databases such as:


Your team can grow your business from any point in the world by using Salesforce – the world’s number 1 customer relationship management platform.

Salesforce can help your business grow by allowing your agents and managers to communicate more freely, collect valuable data, manage operations and workflows, and empower your organization with the information it needs to improve collaboration and productivity.
We help you make the most of Salesforce, and make its integration into your traditional workflows effortless and straightforward.

Business Analysts

Business analysts use data to support business decisions, as well as to form business insights and recommend adaptations in businesses and other forms of organizations. They can identify issues in all parts of the organization, from staff development and organizational structures to IT processes.

The goals of your business might include reducing costs and increasing efficiency, and our business analysts are ready to help you by planning enterprise architecture, creating financial models, and helping you visualize and implement important data.

Data Integration/ETL Tool'

Helps businesses collect and connect data from various sources. ETL, in short, describes the three stages of preparing data. It stands for extract, transform, and load, and it is the process data engineers use to first extract data from different sources, then transform it into useable insight. Some of the features we offer are:

Data Integration between source and target (application or database)

Extract Transfer & Load and Extract Load & Transfer

Full end to end metadata approach to data management

Zero code development

Application adapters i.e. Oracle, Peoplesoft, Siebel

Database adapters i.e. Oracle, DB2, SQLServer

.Net Framework

.NET Framework is a software framework we use to develop apps for Web & Windows. It allows us to use a plethora of services from memory management to security, network, and app development, all with the purpose of helping your business grow.

The .NET Framework provides:

Big Data

Big Data Analysis has become a business-critical solution for those who want to achieve a competitive advantage. We offer a complete and compehensive kit of services to help you resolve any data-related issue, such as, design informative reports and intuitive dashboards or develop data governance strategy for your business.